• Closer Acoustics

    Depicting sound with words is impossible. I leave it to poets.

    Everyone understands words in a different way and creates his own picture. Moreover everyone hears sounds differently therefore  what I can express in words is my personal reception and emotions surrounding it.

    The music I listen to has a significant impact on what  system to use. My musical tastes are very vast, but I pay most attention to sound quality while listening to music  where acoustic instruments and refined vocals can be heard.

    What I was looking for? Vivid sound, decays of guitar strings, wood of violin, depth of piano, natural vocals, musicality – maybe even magic. And it is not a question of overwhelming details as those can fatigue sometimes, but ease of sound flow and breath.

    I wanted a soundstage in front of me to feel presence of artists while closing my eyes.

    Closer Acoustics loudspeakers are just like that – they put you closer to the music.

    Closer Acoustics