• Our distribution philosophy

    After years of experience with different kind of set ups and listening rooms and conditions, after many presentations I came to the conclusion that the only ultimate experience is always in the end listening room. It means your room. With your electronics and room acoustic conditions. With your beloved music. 

    It is you – sitting and listening home – need to feel overwhelmed with the pleasure of sound. You need to be happy while listening and at some point forget about the gear and just enjoy the music.

    With the advent of new technologies, Internet and an opportunity to talk directly to you the End Enjoyer I decided to create this direct relation and to facilitate the purchase of our speakers directly from our workshop. 

    We cut through all the traditional distribution system.

    Also with the hand made products, not in industrial quantities it is sometimes very difficult to have the actual opportunity to listen a given system or speakers. The dealers with sophisticated gear are scarce. Sometimes in locations far away from big cities it is even more unlikely. 

    So you can order a pair and enjoy it home for 14 days from receiving it. If you are happy than it is our honor if not, send it back for a full refund. However, you have to make sure the loudspeakers arrive in the same condition as they arrived to you.

    Distribution philosophy