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    Adam delivers depth and precision. Besides a phenomenal reproduction of vocals and acoustic instruments it will play for you the whole symphonic orchestra in forte bringing you to the seat in philharmonic concert hall. It can tease you with delicate whisper as well as attack with the thunder of bass guitars trio. Since nearly full fundamental frequency band  is  delivered from one fullrange speaker the soundstage is extremely precise, almost holographic. Our unique enclosure delivers extremely clear low frequencies. The whole application creates  a very lifelike musical ambiance that is hard to resist.

  • Give him a chance – listen and you will desire to take it home.

  • Adam – Technical specs

    Technical specs:

    Full range driver unit: Supravox 215 Signature, with light paper membrane used without any crossover.

    High frequency unit: B&C Speakers DE 35
    Impedance: 8 Ω
    Efficiency: 94 dB
    Power handling: 35 Watt

    Binding post made of high pure copper and gold plated.

    Dimensions: Height 117 cm, Large 30,5 cm, Depth 44 cm.
    Weight:  43 kg

    The enclosure is made entirely of high class Baltic birch plywood. No additional damping materials are used inside acoustic chamber.
    The construction was designed mainly for full range drivers applications. The goal was to build a loudspeaker of relatively contained dimensions and reasonable shape being able to provide large frequency band without unwanted resonances and attenuation of some frequencies. The acoustic energy generated by the driver towards the inside of the enclosure is dissipated in a way that maximally eliminates the reflections returning to the driver membrane. The damping is made by direct dissipation of acoustic energy in the system of channels. This construction enables the driver unit to achieve very high efficiency and an excellent rendition of transients, mainly thanks to elimination of standing waves and very reduced vibrations being transferred to the front baffle. Additionally this already very rigid enclosure is party filled with sand in order to further reduce vibrations and improve sound clarity.

    Classic– wood veneer of European and exotic woods. On the picture an example of oak in natural colour. The kind of veneer can be chosen while ordering.
    Avantgarde – applying graphics or pictures, hand painting, mixing different finish techniques.
    An example on photos in galley presents a pair of Adams with graphics Le Chat Noir painted in 1896 by Théophile Steinlen applied asymmetrically on front and side walls and hand painted on top, back and bottom with high quality artistic paints.

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